Knowing the hiring process can make your experience smoother. Our comprehensive process is quick and easy-to-navigate, but knowing the steps in advance can help you put your best foot forward.


Getting hired is more than hitting the “Apply” button. You’ll know where you are on the path of joining our family the moment you start the process.
Step 1
Search positions to see what exciting positions are available
Step 2
Complete your profile and apply for the job
Step 3
Keep an eye out for a text, email, or phone call for additional info
Step 4
Connect with our Candidate Engagement Specialists for a phone interview
Step 5
Unlock Your Career: Get Hired Today!
Step 6
Start your new Career with Anderson!

A Day in the Life of an Anderson Associate


“Relentless execution. 
​It is more than a mantra​ for us.
It’s a way of​ doing business.”

Charlie Anderson
Chairman, Anderson Merchandisers

FAQs on Hiring Process

What do you look for in a candidate?
We love working with people who are passionate about their work and the problems they solve. We look for constant learners, who ask a lot of questions, and learn beyond what’s expected. We are looking for professionals to join our team that have a relentless drive, take initiative, and enjoy working in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. 
What are some interview tips you can give me?
Here are a few tips:
- In your interviews, focus on culture, teamwork and your passion for the company. Leading with that versus "Here’s what I can do!" is our ideal candidate.

-  Be able to answer, "Why Anderson Merchandisers?" It's asked in every interview, and it's a big way we distinguish candidates from one another.

- Be transparent. We do our due diligence, so stretching the truth or withholding vital information will reflect poorly on you. 

- If you are interviewing on the phone or via video, make sure you’re in a quiet spot with reliable reception or internet connection. Nothing can derail an interview more than constant background noise or apologizing for dropping in and out of the interview.
I do not see any positions in my area. What should I do?
Sign up to join our Talent Community. We post careers every day, and we'll alert you when there are any in your area that match your interests. 
What benefits does Anderson Merchandisers offer?
We offer more than just a paycheck.  We have several benefits and perks, including our Anderson Cares Natural Disaster Fund and an Associate Assistance Fund that helps our own team members when they need it the most. 
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What do your retail services associates do?
​​​​​​​Our field associates are the backbone of our company. They have the retail-store relationship that enables us to ensure that we have the best solution and execution for our clients. 

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